Licence number BLD  278368

Question: Why does my timber floor adjacent to the bathroom appear black and damp?


Possible answer: when the shower leaks, the water finds the lowest level/point and therefore expells thorugh the doorway which provides an exit for the pooling water.  Once the water has escaped through the bathroom door, it spills onto the hallway or adjacent floor causing damage to floor surfaces.

Question: Why is there is mould in my cupboard behind the shower wall?


Possible answer: there is a stong possibility that the shower is leaking.  In the majority of cases this is due to the silicon joint around the base of the shower leaking through the wall.  It also may be caused by  the bridging piece between the two taps in the shower. 

In both of these circumstances, we recommend that our Technician inspects your situation and provides a quote to fix the issue.  We will also carry out a free water pressure test to assist with your investigation.